Passenger Door Unlock Tricks

Passenger Door unlock info -
I've uploaded the installation manual for my ancient "convenience module" (which I no longer sell) for those that have asked for information on wiring a switch to unlock the passenger door.  Look at page 4 in this manual and pay attention to the photo and instructions for wiring to the white wire (pin 3) of connector C502.  This wire is attached to the driver's door key cylinder, and if you ground it for 2-3 seconds it will unlock the passenger door, just like if you hold the driver's door key in the unlock position for 2-3 seconds.  Bear in mind it will only unlock the passenger door if the driver's door is already unlocked.

This same white wire is also available on the keyless entry module which is under the driver's dash, sort of behind the radio dash controls. It's a black box with an 18-pin connector (8 wires in one row, 10 wires in the other). Be careful, there are two white wires in this connector and one of them is +12v power, so accidentally grounding the wrong white wire is a bad idea. The white wire you want is near the middle of the connector and is between a black/white wire and a yellow wire. The white wire on the end of the connector is +12v power, stay away from that one.

Here's 2 more ways to unlock the passenger door
1 - The Keyless entry module has two pins for receiving lock/unlock commands from the security module. A ground on these wires will lock or unlock both doors.  If you have factory security there are wires attached to these pins so you can tap into the wires.  Pin 11 (grn/red) is unlock; Pin 12 (blk/wht) is lock.  But if you don't have factory security there are no wires - just pins sticking out of the Keyless module and only accessible if you unplug the connector.  You can either solder wires to the pins and run them out the empty holes in the connector or take the Keyless entry module apart and solder wires direct to the PC board where these pins connect.  Not very friendly but it works.


2 - Locate the Keyless Entry Module and connect BOTH door locks to the output for the driver's door.  Then every time you unlock the driver's door with the remote, the passenger door will unlock too.  The Keyless module is under the driver's dash, sort of behind the radio dash controls.  It's a black box with an 18-pin connector (8 wires in one row, 10 wires in the other).  Locate the pink/blue wire (passenger door lock) and cut it about 1" away from the Keyless Module.  Insulate the end that goes into the module.  Now locate the driver's door lock wire, which is either yellow/green or yellow/white depending on whether you have the factory security system or not.  Make sure you do not get a plain yellow wire.  You need to "T-tap" the free end of the pink/blue into the driver's lock wire.  Once this is done, unlocking the driver's door with the remote will unlock the passenger lock too, since they are now tied together.

Want to get fancy?

It would be relatively simple to install a relay behind the passenger dash cover and wire it to the ROOF switch and run a wire to the Keyless module. The ROOF switch provides +12v, so if you wire it to activate a relay and then wire the relay contacts to ground the appropriate wire on the Keyless module you can unlock the door by pressing the ROOF switch.  Cool.  No extra switches to install.  Of course the door will unlock any time you use the ROOF switch to operate the top, but you probably don't care.