Filler Panels for Window Motor Access Opening

What it does  - Seals the huge hole in the door that allows sound from the back of the door speaker to make it's way into the car.  The rear sound wave of any speaker is out of phase with the front wave and if they are allowed to mix uncontrolled it will cancel a significant portion of the bass frequencies.  It also serves to stop outside noise from coming through that same opening.  While the door panel stops a lot of the rear wave too, it's really not as effective as it needs to be.  Obviously, you should attempt to seal every other hole in the door also.

Application - These panels were made to fit a 2003 but I think they should work on all years, as I can't see why the doors would have changed.  But I could be wrong.

PARTS:  1/4" MDF, pine braces, Goop glue and silicone caulk.  My Home Depot carries the 1/4" MDF in 2x4' sizes, stocked where they keep other 2x4" plywood panels for small projects.  They also have the Goop glue, though it may be called Plumbers Goop.  Walmart has it too, Shoe Goop is the same stuff.
Instructions - Download this PDF file