If it ain't broke - modify it!
(if you visit S2KI, my screen name is "modifry")

Someday I'll get these fully integrated into modifry.com but for now they're available here.

Technical Stuff


Free (or nearly free) Mods you can do yourself

Headlight Alignment & stuff  
Diagnostic Trouble Codes and making your CEL blink a code   Garage Door Opener Mod - just 'flash to pass' to open or close the garage door
    Accessory Power Socket Mod - run that accessory without running the engine
    Trunk Switch Mod - if you forget to lock the glove box, the trunk is still secure

Other stuff I've done to the car

  VTEC  Indicator Mod - know for sure when you're in VTEC, and how often
VW side turn signals - or how to put expensive but cool side markers on your car   Cruise Control Mod - one finger (instead of two) performs the 'Cancel' function
Stereo System Upgrades - including passenger foot well sub-woofer    

Comptech Supercharger 

Remote Start with safety interlocks