Accessory Socket Mod - Constant Power:

In this mod, I power the accessory socket from the trunk switch wire.  Kind of a swap of power sources.  If you have any need for the Accessory Socket to be powered all the time, this will do it.

Installation Procedure:

Read the Trunk Switch Mod for reference even if you're not doing that mod. 

  1. Instead of insulating the right side of the white trunk switch wire (because it's always hot) in step 6 (photo E above), splice another wire to it and run it over behind the passenger side vent panel.
  2. Then, instead of just 'tapping into' the white/red wire (step 9, photo G & H above), cut the red/white wire, and connect your new wire to the end going toward the accessory socket.
  3. Make sure the other end of the red/white wire still goes to the trunk switch wire, if you did that mod.  If you're only doing the Accessory Socket Mod, make sure you insulate the other end of the red/white wire - it will have +12 volts on it when the ignition is on.

Click on a photo to see an enlargement.

Wires behind driver's seat Passenger side wires