I couldn't believe Honda made the glove box trunk switch button work all the time.  The second day I had my car, I just disconnected the trunk switch, deciding to use the remote or the key for trunk access.

Then I decided that it was convenient to have an inside-car trunk release, so I wired the switch up to the accessory socket power wire, which only works when the ignition is on.  Now I feel better about my trunk security.

What it does:

This mod changes the trunk release switch operation so it works only if the ignition is on.

Skills and tools required to install:

bulletRemove interior trim panels 
bulletSplice wires using crimp connectors 

Parts required:

bullet18" of 18  gauge wire
bulletcrimp splice connectors or soldering iron and tape (your preference)

Installation Procedure:

  1. Remove fuse 26 from the under-dash fuse block.  Photo A.
  2. Slide and tilt both seats forward as far as they go.
  3. Remove the 'clothes hooks' from behind the seats. (2 screws each side)
  4. Remove the 'vent panels' behind both seats by sliding your hand behind the panels and gently pulling outward.  They're held in by 5 interlocking snaps.  Photo B.
  5. Locate the wires for the trunk switch behind the driver's panel. Photos C & D.  The trunk switch wire is inside the taped bundle shown by the arrow.  Separate the white wire.
  6. Cut the white wire and insulate the end going into the plastic wire loom.  This wire will have +12 volts when you put fuse 26 back in.  Make sure it's insulated well.  Photo E.
  7. Connect the other end of the cut white wire to an 18" piece of 18 gauge wire using a crimp connector or solder and tape.  Photo E shows my new red wire running behind the glove box.
  8. Fish the free end of the new wire behind the glove box and over to the vent panel behind the passenger seat.  This is easy to do, I actually just straightened the wire and pushed it through.
  9. Splice the end of your new wire to the Accessory Socket power wire.  It's the white/red wire shown in photo G and H.  Use a 'tap-style' connector.
  10. Tape up or tie-wrap the wires for neat appearance
  11. Put everything back together.
  12. Put fuse 26 back in the under-dash fuse block.

Click on a photo to see an enlargement.

(A)  Fuse block showing fuse 26 (B)  Back side of vent panel, showing tabs
p7.jpg (43707 bytes) p8.jpg (26657 bytes)


(C)  Driver's side vent panel removed (D) Close-up of trunk switch wire bundle


(E)  Driver's side trunk wire splice (F)  Passenger side vent panel removed
p3.jpg (31496 bytes)


(G)  Close-up of Accessory Socket wires (H)  Passenger side Accessory wire splice
p6.jpg (44511 bytes)