Side Marker Modules

I sold these modules for about 10 years but they were such poor sellers that it didn't make sense to have another batch of pc boards manufactured. Here is the information in case you want to make your own.

In addition to the electronic version that I sold, I have added a schematic for using relays instead of transistors. For installation information refer to the Side Marker Module product page, available in the "Discontinued Products" link at the bottom of every page on our web site.

What it does - Allows the side turn signals to operate as side marker lights when the headlights are on while maintaining operation as turn signals.

Application - Will work on any S2000 and many other cars as long as the lamps to be operated are 12 watts (1 amp) or less. May work with lamps of higher wattage but you may have to provide heat-sinking for the diodes and transistors.

Notes -  The components listed are all surface-mount devices and will need some heat-sinking by way of larger pads (1/2" sq). If you can't do surface-mount construction then take care to choose components with similar ratings. The schottky diodes and P-FETs were selected to minimize power dissipation and heat. Using "any old diode" or transistor may result in over-heating or possibly a fire. I suggest you test with lamps of double the power as used in the car to verify nothing gets warm. Take care, you are on your own.