Convertible Top Bypass Mod

This mod allows you to raise and lower the convertible top while the car is moving.  This makes it easier to operate the top in stop-and-go traffic or at a red light.  It can be dangerous to raise or lower the top above 10-15 mph so consider carefully if you really want to bypass this safety feature.  We will not be responsible for damage to property or persons if you perform this modification.

Even after you perform this mod you will still need to pull the parking brake up one "click" before raising or lowering the top.  This is good - it prevents the top from moving if you or a passenger "accidently" hits the roof switch.  One click is not enough to cause any significant drag on the brakes but be sure you remember to release the parking brake after moving the top.

1  Remove passenger dash panel

This photo shows the location of the clips that hold the panel in place.  Use a plastic pry tool to loosen the clips and remove the panel.

For cars with the passenger shelf you will have to remove one screw in the back of the shelf and remove two push-pin clips on the sides.  Then you can pry around the edges of the shelf from the dash.

Sorry, no picture of late-model passenger shelf, I'll work on that. 

2  Locate the Convertible Top Module

On most car's it's a black box with a blue label.  It might be located in a different position than shown here but it will be somewhere behind the passenger dash panel.

You do not need to remove it, just get access to the connectors and wires.

3  Locate the VSS wire (vehicle speed signal)

Locate the smaller of the 2 connectors - it's the one with a yellow wire (there is only one yellow wire).

Now look for a white wire with a black stripe, it will be near the yellow wire and is the only white/black wire in the smaller connector.

Cut the white/black wire a couple inches away from the connector and insulate both ends of the wire

Note - if you have a DCI with the SCV option

If you have T-tapped the VSS wire for use with the DCI, be sure to cut the white/black wire between the T-tap and the Convertible Top Module.  If you cut on the other side of the T-tap the DCI will not be able to see the VSS signal.