Epoxy-Coat Garage Floor Coating

If you are considering a garage floor treatment I suggest you check out these folks. 
I am extremly happy with the results after more than a decade of use in my garage and basement workshops.

I have painted the garage and basement floors in every house I've owned for the last 30 years (6 houses), using various products ranging from paints bought from a big box store to industrial 2-part floor coatings that could only be purchased through a licensed contractor.  In my opinion Epoxy-Coat beats them all. The big box store coatings were easy to apply but didn't have the durability I was looking for.  The industrial coatings had the durability but were disgustingly expensive and hard to buy.  They required multiple coats to get a good thickness and the odor was so bad I had to use a breathing mask with filters for organic toxins.  Even after sealing the inside garage door with plastic and duct tape I could not stay in the house for the next 3 or 4 days until the odor dissipated.  When I moved into my current home I decided to look for a different solution, and that's when I discovered Epoxy-Coat.

Epoxy-Coat is significantly different than the industrial coatings I previously used.  It's easy to buy, easy to apply, produces a 5x thicker coating in one application, and best of all there is NO unbearable odor.  It's a REAL epoxy product with no solvents to evaporate, which makes it pretty much odor-free and that's also why you get a much thicker coating with a single application.  Unlike the products I used before, the coating you apply does not get thinner and thinner as the solvents used in the paint mix evaporate.  Instead, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the coating to simply harden in place.  You are literally applying a coating of "epoxy" onto your floors; one that is specially formulated for exactly this application - garage floors. 

Because it's 100% solids I have used Epoxy-Coat to fill a few areas where "spalling" occurred.  Spalling is where the concrete surface starts crumbling from repeated stress, such as rolling a heavy object over the same area thousands of times.  In my case the paint survived this abuse but the concrete below it just crumbled.  After scraping away the broken concrete I was able to fill the holes with Epoxy-Coat, no concrete patching was required!

I normally don't do any advertising on my site because that's something that annoys me when I visit other vendors' sites.  But making a suggestion for a top-of-the-line product I've personally used and that might benefit other S2000 owners is is a different story. 

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