Wiring Supplies

Wiring Supplies
Posi-Twist Splice Kit

Our least-expensive wire splicing kit.  Includes the connectors needed to splice our DCI-S2000 harness to your head unit harness.  Posi-Lock products are well known for superior quality and secure connections.  No special tools are needed - just strip, twist the wires together, ins..

Posi-Lock In-line Fuse Holder

The easiest way to install an in-line fuse.  These Posi-Lock fuse holders can be installed without special tools - just strip your wire, insert into each end, and tighten the end caps.  And ours comes with a 10-amp fuse installed.  Note - fuse holder is very tight for maxi..

Posi-Tap Assortment

Posi-Tap connectors are the easy and secure way to tap into an existing wire without cutting or stripping.  No crimping or special tools required, installs in seconds by hand and can be reused if needed.  This assortment includes six Posi-Taps: two for each of the most common wire sizes..

  OEM Stereo Harness Repair Kit

If you want to reinstall the original Honda radio or just restore the OEM radio harness after a previous owner cut off the connector, this kit is for you.  We supply a special wiring harness using the OEM plug plus enough Posi-Lock connectors to make the job as easy as possible.  No spe..

Terminal Blocks - 12-Position

You get 2 for $1.  These small white plastic terminal blocks can be cut with a razor knife to any size desired and will bend to conform to slightly curved surfaces.  Can be used without mounting or may be attached using #3 x 3/4" screws (not supplied).  Each pair of screw terminals..