Wiring Supplies

Wiring Supplies
Posi-Twist Splice Kit

Our least-expensive wire splicing kit.  Includes the connectors needed to splice our DCI-S2000 harness to your head unit harness.  Posi-Lock products are well known for superior quality and secure connections.  No special tools are needed - just strip, twist the wires together, ins..

Posi-Lock In-line Fuse Holder

The easiest way to install an in-line fuse.  These Posi-Lock fuse holders can be installed without special tools - just strip your wire, insert into each end, and tighten the end caps.  And ours comes with a 10-amp fuse installed.  Note - fuse holder is very tight for maxi..

  OEM Stereo Harness Repair Kit

If you want to reinstall the original Honda radio or just restore the OEM radio harness after a previous owner cut off the connector, this kit is for you.  We supply a special wiring harness using the OEM plug plus enough Posi-Lock connectors to make the job as easy as possible.  No spe..