ECT Modules

ECT Modules

This product is designed to independently operate the temperature gauge in S2000 clusters from model year 2000 through 2005. When used in the S2000 it will provide a more informative and accurate temperature display than the stock system provided by Honda.  Our ECT modules can also be used to drive the temperature gauge in an S2000 cluster that has been transplanted into another vehicle. 

What makes this product truely unique is that the customer can change the way the gauge operates by reprogramming the set-point values for each segment of the gauge.  This allows it to be used in applications other than what's covered by our standardized options.  Programming requires a computer with a USB-to-Serial converter (less than $5 on ebay), a 9-pin serial cable (make yourself or buy ours), and a text file editor like Notepad.  Detailed instructions are provided in the "Manuals & Help" tab for each product.

 ECT Module for AP1 Clusters

This ECT Module is designed to operate the temperature gauge on S2000 clusters from model year 2000 through 2003, which have a 7-segment temperature bar graph. Also works on Honda Insightclusters and some years of Accord and Acura, though I don't have a definitive list. 

All versio..

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 ECT Module for AP2 Clusters

This ECT Module is designed to operate the temperature gauge on S2000 clusters from model year 2004 through 2005, which have a 20-segment temperature display. All versions of this product are physically the same; the only difference is the initial programming that we load into the module based on..

Wiring Kit for S2000 ECT

Includes all the wires and connectors you will need to wire our ECT Module into an S2000. Since this kit uses Posi-Tap and Posi-Lock connectors the only wiring tools you will need are a wire stripper and small pocket screwdriver.  This kit might work for our Civic ECT module as long as you'r..

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  Programming Cable for ECT Modules

This cable is used to program ECT modules using a PC with an inexpensive USB-to-serial adapter.  Programming is only needed if the standard ECT module programming is not a good match for your car or if you want to change the way your temperature gauge is operating.  Detailed programming..