Interior Removal

Interior Removal

We are discontinuing these tools so get them while you can.  As of May 1 there are only a few of the 4-Piece Pry Tools sets and a dozen or so of the 5-Piece grab bag sets.

4-Piece Pry Tool Set

These tools are perfect for any prying job where you're concerned about damaging the base material.  The prying tools are fantastic for removing interior panels, dash trim, emblems, etc. and eliminate the gouges, dents, and nicks you get when using metal tools.  My Dad always said "Use ..

5-Piece Lucky $13 Tool Set

When they're gone they're gone! Each of of these 5-piece assortments of "left-over" pry and scraper tools will include my personal favorite - the "spoon-tip" pry tool, but there's no telling what the other 4 tools will be.  Some might even be tools not pictured in the photos..

$17.50 $13.00