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20 oz Stainless Steel Cup
These are nearly identical to the "name brand" vacuum-insulated stainless steel cups that sell for $..
$20.00 $15.00
Posi-Lock Splice Kit
Includes the connectors needed to splice our DCI-S2000 harness to your head unit harness.  Posi..
Posi-Twist Splice Kit
Our least-expensive wire splicing kit.  Includes the connectors needed to splice our DCI-S2000 ..
 Shift Beeper Wiring Kit for S2000
_Includes all the wires and connectors needed to install the Shift Beeper in a Honda S2000. ..
Compact Suction Cup Mount
Specifically designed to mount a camera on the inside of the windshield because this mount uses an o..
GoPro Tripod Adapter
This is the same adapter that is used with our GoPro Windscreen Mount, and can be used with any moun..
Heavy Duty Suction Cup Mount
This rugged suction cup mount works great just about anywhere on the body of the car.  Suction ..
S2000 Stretch-Fit Cap
Only a few of the small-medium size hats are left and once they're gone they're gone.  We will ..
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$22.00 $10.00
Shift Beeper
This module makes it even easier to rev-it-to-the-red without short-shifting or getting slammed by t..
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Start Button Tee Shirt
This all-cotton T-shirt sports the S2000 logo on the front left chest and our own "start button" des..
$25.00 $10.00
Windscreen Camera Head
This is the original camera mounting head that we started selling in 2004 and clips on and off of ou..
  Folding Cup Holder
This is the best cup holder I could find, and I tried a lot of them.  Thanks to the spring-load..
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Low-Profile Head
This low height camera mounting head is designed to be used with our Windscreen Base Plate and puts ..
Posi-Lock In-line Fuse Holder
The easiest way to install an in-line fuse.  These Posi-Lock fuse holders can be installed with..
Clip Mount Kit
Use this if you want to mount our folding cup holder somewhere other than our Tunnel Bracket, or to ..