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DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion

  DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion
  DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion   DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion   DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion   DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion   DCI for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion
Vehicle Usage: S2000
Availability: In Stock

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* Head Unit:

* Harness:

SCV Wiring Kit:

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Sorry but Alpine PnP harnesses are out of stock.  They've been on order since May and will hopefully arrive sometime in November.
Allows you to use the factory dash controls to operate Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, or Clarion head units that are equipped with an input for a "steering wheel adapter".  The DCI provides all the functions of the original Honda controls plus additional functions and features not available with the stock setup or any other "steering wheel adapter".  Because after-market head units don't all use the same command sets there are some slight differences in how they operate with the DCI, so you may want to review the DCI instructions in the "Manuals & Help" tab.

Wiring Harness Options: - Choose only one

  • Plug-n-Play Adapter Harness* ($25) - Install your new head unit and DCI with no wire splicing!  (Alpine, Kenwood, and JVC only).  For Kenwood and JVC see pics to verify "new" or "old" head unit connector. Not all models work.
  • Alpine 445A Bridge Harness ($35) - Same as above but provides Bridge Mode operation when using an Alpine HU and KTP-445A amplifier. Works in Bridge Mode ONLY and MUST be used with the 445A.
  • DCI-S2000 Adapter Harness ($15) - Plugs directly into the S2000 stereo harness and the DCI, you will have to splice the head unit wires to this harness (8 wires, 12 if you have rear speakers)
  • No Adapter Harness - You will have to splice all wires between the DCI harness, S2000 stereo harness, and the head unit (14 wires, 18 if you have rear speakers)

Addtional Option:

  • SCV Wiring Kit ($3.50) - Requires running the supplied wire from the DCI to behind the passenger dash. No special tools needed, see feature details below

Help finding compatible head units

Features of the Wired DCI

  • Small adapter unit - about 1.5" x 2"
  • Provides 9 control functions using the 5 stock dash switches.  See function charts in the instruction manual.
  • No complicated programming required - just set your head unit brand on the dip switches and it's ready to operate.
  • Auto-repeat function built-in - press and hold VOLUME UP, and the volume will increase rapidly as the command is repeated.  Auto-repeat works on other functions too,  meaning features like 'track fast-forward' will work if you press and hold the NEXT TRACK button combo, just like they do with the factory remote control.
  • Optional Speed Controlled Volume function (SCV) - (requires SCV Wiring Kit) An exclusive Modifry Products feature enabled by connecting one additional wire to the S2000's speedometer circuit.  The DCI will then automatically raise and lower the volume based on vehicle speed. No more fiddling with the volume control when background and wind noise increases as you speed up.  Details here
  • Mute Function Included - unlike other steering wheel adapters, the DCI works perfectly with the S2000 Mute button.  Plus, if your head unit has a dedicated "Interrupt" or "ATT" wire the DCI can be set to pause music playback, completely muting the audio.

* Our wiring harnesses have only power, ground, speaker, amp turn-on, and "lights" dimmer wires.  They do not have wires for special applications such as "neutral" or "reverse light" inputs.

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