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Side Marker Modules

Side Marker Modules
Side Marker Modules
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
Availability: Discontinued
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Discontinued - See the "Freebies" section for info to make your own.  Allows the side turn signals to operate as side marker lights while retaining turn signal functionality. They blink a little differently than original so watch the video below to see how it works.  Includes color installation instructions for S2000.


  • Side Turn Signals operate normally (as turn signals) during the day
  • Side Turn Signals light steady (like a side marker light) when the parking/headlights are on
  • Side Turn Signals will blink when turn signals are used, even when headlights are on
  • Simple wiring, tiny electronic module installs under the fender, no special tools needed

NOTE - This module can also be used to make a side marker lamp do double-duty as a turn signal.  See picture of wiring diagram above.

CAUTION - Do not use on lamps that draw more than 1 Amp of current.  Most side markers or side turn signals are less than 1 amp, but many front or rear lamps draw too much current and should not be used with this module.

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