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PnP Harness for Old DCI

PnP Harness for Old DCI
PnP Harness for Old DCI PnP Harness for Old DCI
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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For use with older DCIs that have an 8-pin connector (newer DCIs use 6 pins).  These harnesses have the same functionality and ease of installation as our "regular" Plug-n-Play harnesses but since we don't keep them in stock it may take an extra day or two to make your harness and get your order shipped.

Be sure to add the following information to the comment box on the order form:

  • Whether your old DCI is a "Wired" or "IR" model
  • Your head unit brand (Alpine, Kenwood, or Pioneer).  Only these 3 brands are available.

One more thing - if you are changing from one brand head unit to a different brand make sure your DCI will work with it.  Some older DCIs do not work with multiple head unit brands like the new DCIs.  For example, if your DCI was originally used with an Alpine head unit it may not work on Kenwood.  Check your DCI manual or the sticker on the back of the DCI to see which head units are compatible.


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