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OEM Stereo Harness Repair Kit

  OEM Stereo Harness Repair Kit
  OEM Stereo Harness Repair Kit   OEM Stereo Harness Repair Kit
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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If you want to reinstall the original Honda radio or just restore the OEM radio harness after a previous owner cut off the connector, this kit is for you.  We supply a special wiring harness using the OEM plug plus enough Posi-Lock connectors to make the job as easy as possible.  No special tools needed, just strip the wires, insert into the Posi-Locks, and tighten the caps.  You may find other "reverse" connector harnesses on the market but they won't have the dash control and dash mute wires that are unique to the S2000 - ours does.

  • Uses Posi-Lock connectors for a quick and easy installation with no special tools
  • Includes instructions and wiring chart with the OEM wire colors

We make two versions of this kit; one for 2 speaker systems and one for 4 speakers.  If you only have door speakers (with or without tweeters) and your car is a 2000 - 2003 model you can save a few bucks with the 2-speaker kit.  Most cars manufactured 2004 and later were wired for 4 speakers, though your car may not have rear speakers installed.  The 2008 - 2009 models came with roll hoop speakers wired using the rear speaker channels, so you will defintely need the 4-speaker kit.

Note for 2004 and up customers - Honda, in their infinite wisdom, used the same wire color for the negative side of the left front and left rear speakers.  But don't despair, we show you an easy way to determine which is which using an AA battery.

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