Dash Bracket Foam

Dash Bracket Foam
Dash Bracket Foam
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Helps to dampen vibrations when installing heavier items on the Dash Bracket.  The high-density foam can be cut with a razor knife into a wedge shape so that it fits tightly between the back of the bracket and the dash.  The included self-adhesive strip of Velcro-type "hooks" is then attached to the back of the bracket to keep the foam from sliding out of position. NO instructions are included, so read below and see the photos on the product page.


  • Make  measurements of the gap between your bracket and the dash, near the edge and 2" in to get a feel for how to cut the foam.
  • I suggest cutting the foam at least 1/4" larger on the first try and then check the fit.  You want a tight fit and a little pressure on the back of the bracket.
  • Once you have the fit right, adhere the "hook" tape strip to the back of the dash bracket to help hold the foam in place.

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