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Tilt & Turn Adapter

Tilt & Turn Adapter
Tilt & Turn Adapter
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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This adapter mounts between a bracket and a fixed-position holder to allow the holder to be tilted and rotated.  It uses the standard AMPS mounting hole pattern and comes with hardware to attach it to your bracket.  Can be used with our Modifry Dash Bracket as well as the Panavise Radio Bracket, in which case it provides the extra clearance needed to avoid interference with the S2000 radio door.

  • Tilts in 4 directions up to ± 20°
  • Rotates 360° for easy "landscape" mode
  • Tension wheel can be adjusted while in use to control the tilt-turn friction
  • Standard AMPS mounting hole pattern that is used by many bracket/holder manufacturers
  • Adds about 1.5" additional space between the bracket and your holder

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