Radio Bracket Combo

Radio Bracket Combo
Radio Bracket Combo Radio Bracket Combo
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Special combination of 3 products provides a great mounting solution for phones or other electronics.  The Tilt-n-Turn eliminates the interference with the radio door that you can sometimes experience when using the Panavise Radio bracket to hold a phone, iPod, or other item.  Plus, it gives you the ability to adjust the tilt and angle of the device as well as rotate it for "landscape" view.  The tension adjustment wheel is accessible even after your device is mounted and allows you to control the friction of the tilt & turn adjustment.

Optional set of 2 extra "gripper arms" is available if needed.

Includes the following three high-quality items which would normally cost $52 if purchased separately:

  • Panavise Radio Bracket (list $32.95, our price $25)
  • Our Universal Phone Holder (our price $18)
  • Tilt & Turn Adapter - 4-way ± 33° tilt and rotates 360° (our price $9.)
  • Can NOT be used in combination with the Tunnel-mount cup holder on 2006+ cars (2005 and before OK).
  • Can only be installed on LHD cars.

All necessary mounting hardware is included.  Installation requires removing the plastic trim around the radio (snap clips), removing two screws that hold the right side of the radio and installing the bracket under those same screws.  Then the Tilt & Turn Adapter is mounted to the bracket, and the phone holder mounts to the adapter.

Panavise InDash "Radio" Bracket

Installation Instructions


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