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Folding Cup Holder

  Folding Cup Holder
  Folding Cup Holder   Folding Cup Holder   Folding Cup Holder   Folding Cup Holder   Folding Cup Holder
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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This is the best cup holder I could find, and I tried a lot of them.  Thanks to the spring-loaded flapper it holds 12 oz cans as easily as a giant 32 oz drink.  The unique folding mechanism is a marvel of engineering; perfectly smooth and precise.  That's because it's made by Fischer, supplier of cup holders to automakers around the world.  I have been using one of these in my car since 2007 and it still works great.  Plus, our price is hard to beat - check ebay for "fischer cup holder" and see what I mean.

New Option - Logo Cup Holder engraved with the Modifry Logo (requested by customers)

Some owners mount the cup holder directly to the side of the transmission tunnel but for those that prefer a more elegant solution we make a special bracket (ordered separately) that attaches to the side of the tunnel using the OEM buttons that hold the cargo net.  It allows installation of the cup holder without drilling new holes in your car AND the bracket uses a quick-clip mount that lets you easily remove the cup holder when not in use.  See the "Related Products" tab for details.

Note - these cup holders are available with or without holes.  The pre-drilled holes are for mounting to our tunnel bracket using the screws supplied with the bracket.  For other installations you may want the "no holes" option which comes with 4 sheet metal screws and two silly pieces of plastic, purpose unknown.

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