Alpine 445A Bridge Harness

Alpine 445A Bridge Harness
Alpine 445A Bridge Harness Alpine 445A Bridge Harness Alpine 445A Bridge Harness Alpine 445A Bridge Harness
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Fully Plug-n-Play 2-channel Bridge Mode operation is now available with this special harness for use with the Alpine KTP-445A plug-n-play power amp.  Yes, you heard right, you no longer have to buy the "universal" KTP-445U amp and do a lot of wire splicing in order to get the higher power output of 2-channel bridge mode. 

Even though Alpine does not advertise it as such, the 445A plug-n-play power amp was designed to be capable of 2-channel bridge mode - they just didn't add the switch to implement it.  But by re-wiring the output you can utilize all 4 internal amplifiers to drive the front speakers.  One of the photos above shows how it's done, or take the easy route and buy this harness. 

  • MUST be used with an Alpine head unit and the KTP-445A (not 445) and can ONLY operate in 2-channel high power mode (front speakers only).
  • No modifications are made to the KTP-445A wiring - follow normal "plug-n-play" installation.
  • Front-Rear fader control in the head unit MUST be set to neutral (both front and rear at full volume).
  • Can be used without a DCI if you don't want the dash controls to be operative.
  • If you want 4-channel operation of the KTP-445A you should use our regular Alpine PnP Harness.
  • This harness does not have wires for special applications such as "neutral" or "reverse light" inputs.

Only works on DCIs with a 6-pin connector (2012 or later). DCI (sold separately) is needed to convert S2000 dash control signals into head unit commands

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