Seat Belt Lock with Remote

Seat Belt Lock with Remote
Seat Belt Lock with Remote
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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PREMIUM VERSION and easiest to install - Includes a complete wireless remote control system with key chain type remote and of course Modifry's custom-made locking mechanism.  All wiring is supplied and pre-terminated to make installation as easy as possible; we even include velcro to mount the wireless receiver.  Full-color detailed instructions are included.

Better than mechanical lap belt locks, this device locks both the lap and shoulder belts. This product is perfect for autocrossers or track junkies who don't want the hassle of installing competition belts in the car.  Want to "be one with the car"? Just flip the switch, push yourself back in the seat, and feed the belt slack into the seat belt reel. The more slack you feed in the tighter the belt gets. Once you're in, you're in. No more sloshing around in the seat!  And unlike competition belts or mechanical lap belt locks, this product is "second driver friendly" because without the keychain remote your seat belt looks and operates like normal.

  • Locks the driver's lap belt AND shoulder harness with the flip of a switch.
  • Absolutely NO modification to the factory seat belt mechanism or restraint system is involved.
  • Installation consists of placing the Modifry SBL assembly over the factory seat belt bracket, mounting the wireless receiver with supplied velcro, and tapping into 12v accessory power behind the passenger seat.  Removing 2 screws and a couple snap-clips gets you easy access to the wiring connections.
  • Need warranty work done on your seatbelt? The SBL assembly can be removed in a matter of minutes with no tools and leaves no trace it was there. Re-installation is just as quick.

Installation requires removing the spare tire to gain access to the seat belt mechanism and removing the plastic access panel (2 screws and 4 snaps) behind the passenger seat.  Power and ground connections are made by T-tapping two wires behind the passenger seat.

Note - This product is only for the driver, as the passenger seat belt has a factory locking mechanism.

Seat Belt Lock with Wireless Remote

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