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The IR DCI allows you to use the factory dash controls to operate many after-market head units.  It includes an infra-red LED emitter that sends IR commands to the head unit, mimicking the head unit's OEM hand-held remote control.  It provides all the functions of the Honda factory controls plus additional commands and features not available with the stock setup or any other after-market "steering wheel" adapter.

  • Small adapter unit - about 1.5" x 2"
  • Provides 9 control functions using the 5 stock dash switches.  See the "Manuals" tab for details.
  • No complicated programming required - just set your head unit brand on the dip switches and it's ready to operate.
  • Auto-repeat function built-in - press and hold VOLUME UP, and the volume will increase rapidly as the command is repeated.  Auto-repeat works on other functions too,  meaning features like 'track fast-forward' will work if you press and hold the NEXT TRACK button combo, just like they do with the factory remote control.
  • Optional Speed Controlled Volume function (SCV) - An exclusive Modifry Products feature enabled by connecting one additional wire to the S2000's speedometer circuit.  The DCI will then automatically raise and lower the volume based on vehicle speed to help overcome wind and road noise.  Details here
  • Mute Functionality - built into the DCI.  Some steering wheel adapters don't work with the S2000 Mute button.

The IR DCI is compatible with the following brands as long as the head unit is "remote capable";  Alpine, Blaupunkt, Clarion, Eclipse, Kenwood, JVC, Sony, Panasonic, or Pioneer.  You do not need the OEM remote to use the DCI, so if the remote is an optional accessory you can save money by not buying it.  Help finding compatible head units

Note - Most customers prefer our Wired DCI because it makes for an easier and "cleaner" installation.  We make a Wired DCI for Alpine-Clarion-JCV-Kenwood and one for Sony-Pioneer.


Installation Instructions

FAQ - Hover your mouse over a question to see the answer.

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What is the warranty on the DCI?

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