Original ECT Module

Original ECT Module
Original ECT Module Original ECT Module
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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This product is no longer manufactured.  Please see the "ECT-2 for S2000" product as a replacement.  We will keep these "Original" product pages available for customers that are looking for manuals or need technical information on their old products.

Designed for S2000 owners using the AEM EMS or for stock owners who want to improve the functionality of the OEM temperature gauge. See pictures of the improved gauge display in the above product photos.  In addition to an improved temperature gauge display, this module has an "alarm output" that can operate a light or sounder (that you provide) at a pre-set "too hot" temperature (comes set at 220°). 

For S2000 owners this is the best choice of the four versions of the ECT module.  Out of the box it provides the most accurate temperature display and still gives you the ability to customize the display if you want to by reprogramming it with a PC serial port, see "Related Products" tab for the programming cable.  Includes all wiring and connectors needed to install the ECT module in an S2000.

All wiring connections are near the ECM and only 4 wires are needed for basic operation:

  • +5v power from the ECM (T-tap)
  • Ground
  • ECT sensor (T-tap at ECM)
  • Cluster temperature gauge (must cut dash gauge wire)

If you want to use the Alarm Output feature 3 more wires are needed:

  • Ground (must be separate from the module's ground)
  • Module output to your alarm device (sounder or indicator light, not included)
  • +12v power for your alarm device

Note - This ECT module is designed to work with a temperature sensor that is monitored by the ECM and powered by the ECM 5-volt "sensor power".  You cannot use a sensor that controls the radiator fans or a sensor that was designed to operate any other type of temperature gauge, such as an OEM temperature gauge or an after-market temperature gauge.  These will not work with the ECT module.

NOTE: This product does not come with a printed manual so please download the Installation Instructions from the "Manuals" tab.

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