Wiring Kit for S2000 ECT

Wiring Kit for S2000 ECT
Vehicle Usage: Cars with S2000 cluster
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Includes all the wires and connectors you will need to wire our ECT Module into an S2000. Since this kit uses Posi-Tap and Posi-Lock connectors the only wiring tools you will need are a wire stripper and small pocket screwdriver.  This kit might work for our Civic ECT module as long as you're mounting the ECT module close to the ECM.  It will NOT work on our "sensor" ECT modules, as the wires in this kit are not long enough to reach the engine compartment.


  • Four 2-foot lengths of wire in colors that match the ECT installation instructions.
  • Three Posi-Tap connectors to make the T-taps into the car's wiring.
  • Two Posi-Lock connectors, one to splice to the temperature gauge wire and another to cap off the cut wire from the ECM.
  • A few small wire ties to neaten up the wiring.

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