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Heavy Duty Suction Cup Mount

Heavy Duty Suction Cup Mount
Heavy Duty Suction Cup Mount Heavy Duty Suction Cup Mount
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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This rugged suction cup mount works great just about anywhere on the body of the car.  Suction cup is very strong and the adjustable swing arm and swivel head are rigid and tight.  It will easily hold  digital cameras including full-size SLRs and of course anything smaller.  Has standard tripod-style mounting head.  Can be mounted on the trunk or hood looking forward or for some interesting shots try mounting it low on door/fender areas to capture unique side-views.

  • Suction Cup is 3 1/4" in diameter for powerful holding strength
  • Adjustable arm is 4 1/4" long, head rotates 360° and swivels 200°
  • Maximum height of camera base (in "straight up" position) is 5 1/2" above attachment surface

Do not confuse this mount with similar-looking knock-off mounts on ebay and other sites.  I bought several of those and was surprised at how poorly constructed they were - they simply can't compare to the build quality of this mount.

Comparison of this mount to ebay "knock-offs"
Feature Mine Theirs
Camera mounting head Machined threads that screw into your camera Cast threads are loose and sloppy
Tightening ring Machined aluminum with knurled ring Plastic knob with captive nut
Clamping jaws on swivel head Machined aluminum with internal no-slip grooving Flimsy plastic, distorts easily when tightened
Thumb screw to tighten head Machined aluminum T-bar, easy to grip Small plastic knob, strips easily
Adjustable main arm Big tri-wing knob makes it easy to tighten Another small plastic knob, hard to tighten


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