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Sold out but here is the info if you want to buy your own
Replacement Roll Hoop Speakers
for years 2006 to 2009 only

    Below is the info for the original Aura speaker

 Extra work you will have to do:
(not documented in original kit instructions)

Make your own mounting plate from 22-gauge sheet
          metal (pdf diagram here)

  Cut 2 mounting "ears" off of each speaker, on opposite
         corners (it's plastic, cuts easy with a hack saw blade)
         Speaker has 4 ears, you only need 2, the other 2 get in
         the way and must be removed

Frequency response comparison and audio clips


See installation information for the original kit here there are photos on this page that will help when doing your own install

You can buy the same speakers I used in my kit from Madisound, here is the spec sheet for them: