Retirement Update

STILL IN EFFECT - Please do not email asking about stock or "when will you make more blah, blah, blah".  I will not answer, as info on stock is on each product page and I get way too many of that type of email to answer them all.


UPDATE DECEMBER 1 - Arrangements are being made for an old friend and behind-the-scenes modifry collaborator to take over part of the Modifry product line.  He will be handling DCIs and PnP harnesses for sure and I may be able to talk him into a few more tiems, hopefully at least the other electronic products.  We'll see how it goes.  He needs to get a web store set up as well as order parts and supplies to start manufacturing so it will be a couple months before any products are available.  We're hoping for the end of January as the opening date for  "Modifry, Part Deaux" so stand by for updates as we get closer.

Also, after much consideration (and hundreds and hundreds of emails) I have decided to continue making Convertible Top Straps, Glove Box Organizers, and Dash Brackets.  These are all items that are not available anywhere else and, judging by recent sales and the number of electronicly delivered lamentations, they will continue to be items sought after by S2000 owners.  It's possible I may add one or two phone holders to go with the dash brackets but that's about all I'm willing to do at this time. 

I'll continue to make daily shipments until the rest of the discontinued products are sold out, which looks like it will be February or March of 2024.  At that time I expect to reduce how often I process and ship orders to once or twice a week, as I still want to be mostly retired.  I'll have to see if that makes for more work or less so may it not happen.