About Us

Modifry Products is a small sole-proprietorship business that builds specialty items, including custom-designed electronic accessories, for the Honda S2000.  We have over 30 unique products that are not available anywhere else, as well as some of the best commercialy-available accessories that impressed me with their quality and value.

As the business owner, I know what makes the S2000 unique and why S2000 owners are a special breed of car lover, because I have logged over 300,000 combined miles on my own three S's.  I started with a new MY 2000 AP1, followed by a new 2008 AP2, and now I drive a super-charged 2003 (the best year).  All the products we sell are either items I designed for use on my own car or are commercial products that I tried and liked so much I decided to make them available to other S2000 owners. 

Due to the obviously limited customer base it never made sense to have a physical storefront business, so we only sell our products via the on-line store and the occasional appearance at an S2000 event.  We are also a part-time business, but that doesn't mean we're not serious or passionate about what we do.  However, it does mean we're not available to our customers 24/7 so if you have a need to contact us please keep that in mind.  We'll do our best to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time and answer your questions as best we can.


About Me (modifry):

I'm an S2000 owner, just like most people who will be reading this.  I am often asked if my full-time job is in a related field like electronic design or the automotive industry, or if I'm an electronic engineer.  But it isn't, and I'm not.  I have a full-time job in a totally unrelated industry and simply enjoy the challenge of building unique gadgets and the excitement of a part-time business.

So where did 'modifry' come from, and why choose it for a business name?  Like many S2000 owners I shared information about my car and the changes I made to it on Internet forums like S2KI.com.  In selecting a unique on-line identity, I thought about my passion for "modifying everything" and what sometimes happens when one of my electrical modifications goes wrong - things "fry".  I combined the two and came up with "modifry".

Over the next few years I continued to "modifry" my car and post the results on the Internet.  I also answered other owner's questions about the S2000, providing "electronic help" via the S2KI forums.  People got to know me and sometimes expressed an interest in doing the same modifications to their cars that I had done to mine.  I often heard "how much would it cost for you to make one for me?"  In 2001 when I invented the Glove Box Organizer things got really interesting.

The Glove Box Organizer was an idea I actually tried to give away to another entrepreneur because I wasn't sure I had the time to work on it.  But as fate would have it, he was too busy with his own projects so I was forced to manufacturer my invention just so I could have one in my car.  In an effort to recoup my development expenses I decided to make some extras and sell them to other S2000 owners.  To my surprise that first batch of about 20 sold out in a matter of days.  I've been building them ever since, and today they're still one of my best-selling products.

Eventually my list of "mods" for my car was large enough to warrant setting up a dedicated web site, and "modifry.com" was born.  Today we have over 30 of our own custom-made products that can't be found anywhere else, all designed specifically for discriminating S2000 owners.