Delivery Information

Which shipping service? - We use USPS for all shipping.  It's the least expensive option for the light-weight items we sell, and we can ship to Post Office boxes that can't be serviced by any other carrier.

Where will it be shipped to?  We use the shipping address you type into the Shopping Cart, not any address associated with PayPal.

When will it ship? - Generally we process orders each weekday around 12PM Eastern Time (U.S.), so if your order is placed before noon our time (GMT-5) it will normally ship the same day.  Orders placed later than that will ship the next weekday.  Domestic buyers may see "1-Day" or "2-Day" listed in the shipping options, but please understand it's just the Post Office's best guess and is not guaranteed.  You may also see 2-Day Express Mail and 1-Day Priority for the same order, but Express is probably 1-Day too.  Remember, these estimates are provided by a government server, so there's no telling how it's been programmed. :-)

Tracking? - USPS provides tracking information for all Domestic shipments, though First Class and Priority may not be updated as often as Express Mail.  Tracking is provided for some International destinations but varies significantly by country and shipping method.

* * * International Shipping * * *

First Class shipping is the slowest method. Usually 7-24 days, averages 13 days, longer to Australia. 
Priority Mail or Flat Rate Priority is the next fastest, though not by much. Usually 7-18 days, averages 11 days, longer to Australia
Priority Express Mail is the fastest and includes a tracking number.  Averages 5 to 8 days, sometimes as much as 14 days

Priority Mail Flat Rate  shipping can only be used on certain items! The "Flat Rate" option requires that we use specific packaging provided by the Post Office and not all of our products will fit.  See below for examples.  If you want to use the Flat Rate option and are not sure if your order will fit just email us and ask.

            Examples where Flat Rate is OK    Will NOT fit in Flat Rate Package  
4 Electronic items - DCI with Harness, Shift Beeper, etc More than 4 Electronic items
Glove Box Organizer + Convertible Top Fix + 2 Electronics More than 4 Glove Box Organizers
1 RaggTopp item + 2 Electronic items More than 1 RaggTopp item
Dash Bracket + Phone Holder + 2 Electronic items Windscreen Mount + Seat Belt Lock
Camera Mount + Glove Box Organizer + 2 Electronics 2 Windscreen Camera Mounts
2 Camera Mounts, neither one is a Windscreen Mount More than 2 other Camera Mounts
Cup Holder & Tunnel Bracket + 2 Electronic items 2 Cup Holders & Tunnel Brackets
BoJo Pry Tools + Glove Box Organizer + 2 Electronics More than 2 Seat Belt Locks