Phone & GPS Holders

Phone & GPS Holders

While we only have a small selection of phone, GPS, and electronics brackets and holders you can be assured that all of these products are of the highest quality and will provide years of service.  Unlike their cheaper counterparts, these won't let you down by failing after a few hard knocks.

Radio Bracket Combo

Special combination of 3 products provides a great mounting solution for phones or other electronics.  The Tilt-n-Turn eliminates the interference with the radio door that you can sometimes experience when using the Panavise Radio bracket to hold a phone, iPod, or other item.  Plus, it ..

$52.00 $45.00
Extra Screws for Phone Holder

Spare set of 4 metric machine screws and nuts for mounting many of our AMPS-compatible products.  Works with our Universal Phone Holder, Tilt-n-Turn Adapter, Panavise Radio Bracket, etc.  Pan head Philips size - M4 x .7mm x 8mm long.

Universal Phone Holder

Soft rubber-cushioned side arms expand from 2" to 3.5" wide* and adjust up or down (independently) over a 2" range so you can find the ideal grip position. The included T-mount plate attaches to any bracket with the standard AMPS hole pattern and the phone holder slides on and off the T-mount.&nb..

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