Phone & GPS Mounts

Phone & GPS Mounts

While we only have a small selection of phone, GPS, and electronics brackets and holders you can be assured that all of these products are of the highest quality and will provide years of service.  Unlike their cheaper counterparts, these won't let you down by failing after a few hard knocks.

Universal Phone Holder

Soft rubber-cushioned side arms expand from 2" to 3.5" wide* and adjust up or down (independently) over a 2" range so you can find the ideal grip position. The included T-mount plate attaches to any bracket with standard AMPS hole pattern, such as our Modifry Dash Bracket or the Panavise Radio Br..

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Tilt & Turn Adapter

This adapter mounts between a bracket and a fixed-position holder to allow the holder to be tilted and rotated.  It uses the standard AMPS mounting hole pattern and comes with hardware to attach it to your bracket.  Can be used with our Modifry Dash Bracket as well as the Panavise ..

Radio Bracket Combo

Special combination of 3 products provides a great mounting solution for phones or other electronics.  Eliminates the interference with the radio door that you can sometimes experience when using the Panavise Radio bracket to hold a phone, iPod, or other item.  Plus, it gives you the ab..

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Panavise "Radio" Bracket

This quality dash mount is vehicle-specific and ergonomically designed to not interfere with gauges, vents, or air bag deployment. The S2000 mounting bracket attaches to the factory radio mounting bolts and "sneaks" out between the radio door and the dash, providing a sturdy mounting surface for ..

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Modifry® Dash Bracket

Another custom-designed product that can only be found at I got tired of sticking my Garmin GPS unit on the windshield so I designed this bracket to hold it in the perfect place; out of my line of vision but high enough so I don't have to take my eyes off the road.  Th..

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Garmin Nuvi Ball

Swivel ball holds Garmin Nuvi brand GPS units and can be mounted to the Modifry Dash Bracket or the Panavise "radio" bracket.  Light-weight but rugged plastic easily attaches to any bracket with the AMPS mounting hole pattern using the included hardware.

Extra Screws for Phone Holder

Spare set of 4 metric machine screws and nuts for mounting many of our AMPS-compatible products.  Works with our Universal Phone Holder, Tilt-n-Turn Adapter, Panavise Radio Bracket, etc.  Pan head Philips size - M4 x .7mm x 8mm long.

Extra Grippers for Phone Holder

Need a third or fourth "gripper" arm on your Universal Phone Holder?  These are the same rubber-cushioned side arms that come on our phone holder and can easily be snapped into the same track as the original arms to provide additional grip points.  Especially helpful if you need to avoi..

Dash Bracket Foam

Helps to dampen vibrations when installing heavier items on the Dash Bracket.  The high-density foam can be cut with a razor knife into a wedge shape so that it fits tightly between the back of the bracket and the dash.  The included self-adhesive strip of Velcro-type "hooks" is then at..