Old Stuff

These are old products that are no longer manufactured but we have kept the product pages alive for customers that might need information or manuals.

Seat Belt Lock


MOST ECONOMICAL - This version Includes Modifry's custom-made locking mechanism ONLY - you supply your own wiring and on/off switch.  Better than mechanical lap belt locks, this device locks both the lap and sho..

Adjustable ECT Module


The easiest to use ECT module ever!  Works on both AP1 and AP2 gauges from years 2000 to 2005.  A 4 to 1 adjustment range allows it to work on a wide variety of vehicles.  When your engine is at normal temperature you simply use a..

Original ECT Module

This product is no longer manufactured.  Please see the "ECT-2 for S2000" product as a replacement.  We will keep these "Original" product pages available for customers that are looking for manuals or need technical information on their old products.

Designed for S2000 owners ..

Seat Belt Lock with Switch Kit


STANDARD VERSION includes Modifry's custom-made locking mechanism with a pre-wired rocker switch, complete wiring harness, connectors, wire ties, and even a stick-on template for marking the switch cut-out.  Req..


The IR DCI allows you to use the factory dash controls to operate many after-market head units.  It includes an infra-red LED emitter that sends IR commands to the head unit, mimicking the head unit's OEM hand-held remote control.  It provides all the functions of the Honda factory cont..

Seat Belt Lock with Remote


PREMIUM VERSION and easiest to install - Includes a complete wireless remote control system with key chain type remote and of course Modifry's custom-made locking mechanism.  All wiring is supplied and pre-termi..

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