Terminal Blocks - 12-Position

Terminal Blocks - 12-Position
Terminal Blocks - 12-Position
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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You get 2 for $1.  These small white plastic terminal blocks can be cut with a razor knife to any size desired and will bend to conform to slightly curved surfaces.  Can be used without mounting or may be attached using #3 x 3/4" screws (not supplied).  Each pair of screw terminals is internally connected with a solid brass tube, allowing wires entering from opposite sides to be connected to each other.  Accepts up to 12 gauge wire, solid or stranded.  A 2mm or 2.5mm slotted screw driver is needed to tighten the screws, some 1/8" screw drivers can be used but it's a tight fit.  Not recommended for wires smaller than 22 gauge.

  • 3 3/4" long by 3/4" wide
  • 10 Amp rating
  • Accepts 22 AWG up to 12 AWG wires

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