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DCI for Joying

 DCI for Joying
 DCI for Joying  DCI for Joying  DCI for Joying
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Provides 11 distinct commands using the factory S2000 dash controls, including correct operation of the MUTE button.  Utilizes the "Key 1" input on Joying for all functions.  A special programming mode makes it easy to assign the various dash buttons and button combinations to the head unit - no need to "hold the dash button" while assigning the Joying functions. Also includes Modifry's famous Speed-Controlled Volume feature which raises and lowers the volume automatically based on vehicle speed, to compensate for background noise (requires SCV wiring kit).

Dash Control commands, each one can be linked to a distinct Joying function:

  • Mode short tap (less than 1/2 second)
  • Mode long press (over 1/2 second)
  • CH short tap
  • CH long press
  • Vol Up - (repeats if held)
  • Vol Dn - (repeats if held)
  • Mode + Vol Up
  • Mode + Vol Dn
  • CH + Vol Up
  • CH + Vol Dn
  • Mute (toggles in sync with the dash button)

Wiring Harness Options: - Choose only one.

  • DCI-S2000 Adapter Harness ($15) - Plugs directly into the S2000 stereo harness and the DCI, you will have to splice the head unit wires to this harness (8 wires, 12 if you have rear speakers) and connect the DCI blue wire to Joying Key 1.
  • No Adapter Harness - We provide the 6-pin DCI harness.  You will have to splice all wires between the DCI harness, S2000 stereo harness, and the head unit (14 wires, 18 if you have rear speakers) plus connect the DCI blue wire to Joying Key 1.

Addtional Option:

  • SCV Wiring Kit ($3.50) - Requires running one wire (included) from the DCI to behind the passenger dash to tap into the vehicle speed signal. No special tools needed.

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