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DCI-S2000 Adapter Harness

DCI-S2000 Adapter Harness
DCI-S2000 Adapter Harness DCI-S2000 Adapter Harness
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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This custom-made adapter harness mates with the OEM harness so you can connect your new head unit into the car's factory wiring without damaging or altering the OEM wiring or connector.  This is the only adapter on the market that has the extra wires for the S2000 Dash Controls, which are pre-wired to a DCI connector (DCI sold separately).

Use this adapter harness if you are using our DCI with a Sony or Clarion head unit, in which case you will need to splice the head unit harness to the DCI-S2000 harness.  For customers using Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood orJVC head units we make a Plug-n-Play harness to install your new head unit and DCI without wire splicing.

Optional Splice Kits - If you don't have wire splicing experience we suggest you consider one of our kits that includes enough Posi-Lock or Posi-Twist connectors to wire your new head unit. Posi-Locks make for a neater and more compact installation but are more expensive than Posi-Twists.  Both will make secure vibration-proof splices without special tools - just strip the wires, insert into the connector, and twist on the caps. More splice kit info here.

Notes and hints:

  • Check out or download the wiring diagram if you need wiring help, as no documentation is provided with the harness
  • DCI (sold separately) is needed to convert S2000 dash control signals into head unit commands.
  • If you are buying one of our PnP Harnesses (for Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, or Pioneer) you do not need this harness.
  • If you intend to use the Speed-conrolled Volume feature of the DCI you will need to also purchase the SCV wiring kit.
  • Make the wire splices from this harness to your head unit harness outside of the car where it's easier to work, such as on a table or workbench.  This is much better than splicing wires inside the car and the cramped radio console.



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