Yellow Jacket Speedometer Corrector

Yellow Jacket Speedometer Corrector
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Corrects a high-reading speedometer, whether factory error or after changing the differential. This module has been specifically designed for the S2000 and allows you to compensate for an erroneously high speedometer/odometer reading. There are several reasons you would want to do this:

  • Compensate for installing high-performance (numerically higher) differentials
  • Correct erroneously high factory speedometer (many S2000 owners report speedometer errors between 2% and 6% higher than actual)
  • You simply want an accurate speedometer - this product is accurate to within .25%
  • Works on all S2000s but we have instructions only for LHD cars. 

Installation requires wiring the Yellow Jacket module into the speed signal circuit, usually behind the driver's foot well panel.  Be sure to download the installation instructions for your model year car on the Manuals & Help tab.

Note - This device cannot be used to compensate for erroneously low speedometer readings. It ONLY adjusts the speedometer to read lower than it does now. If your speedometer currently reads too low, this product will not adjust it higher. If your speedometer reads too high, this is the cheapest and easiest solution I know of.  Will NOT work on any vehicle except the S2000 using an OEM instrument cluster.  If you have an S2000 cluster in another car this will not work for you.

Customers outside of North America - Our wiring instructions are for North American cars only and your wiring and wire colors may be different.  We have some documentation for UK owners on the "Manuals" tab but unfortunately nothing for other nations.  To install this module you will need to cut the speed signal between the sensor on the transmission and where it goes into the ECM and instrument cluster.  You will also need to T-tap the 5-volt "sensor power" wire, usually identified as VCC2 in electrical manuals.  

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