RHD Dash Bracket Foam

 RHD Dash Bracket Foam
 RHD Dash Bracket Foam  RHD Dash Bracket Foam
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Helps to dampen vibrations when installing heavier items on the Dash Bracket.  The high-density foam can be cut with a razor knife into a wedge shape so that it fits tightly between the back of the bracket and the dash.  The included self-adhesive strip of Velcro-type "hooks" is then attached to the back of the bracket to keep the foam from sliding out of position. 

What is included:

  • TWO pieces of foam, in case you cut the first one too small.
  • The foam is charcoal gray but the two visible sides (top and right) are painted black to help blend with the bracket and dash. 
  • The dash side is pre-cut to sort-of-match the curve of the dash, but no guarantees on the accuracy of my band saw.
  • One piece of self-adhesive Velcro-type "hook" strip.
  • NO instructions are included, so read below and see the photos above.


  • Make  measurements of the gap between your bracket and the dash, near the edge and 2" in to get a feel for how to cut the foam.
  • I suggest cutting the foam at least 1/4" larger on the first try and then check the fit.  You want a tight fit and a little pressure on the back of the bracket.
  • Once you have the fit right, adhere the "hook" tape strip to the back of the dash bracket to help hold the foam in place.

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