Universal Phone Holder

Universal Phone Holder
Universal Phone Holder Universal Phone Holder
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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Soft rubber-cushioned side arms expand from 2" to 3.5" wide* and adjust up or down (independently) over a 2" range so you can find the ideal grip position. The included T-mount plate attaches to any bracket with the standard AMPS hole pattern and the phone holder slides on and off the T-mount.  Both our Modifry Dash Bracket and the Panavise Radio Bracket (ordered separately) work with this holder.  If you think you might need more than 4 gripper arms or want to have an extra pair "just in case" we have them as an option.

  • Soft-grip arms hold phone firmly without scratching
  • Ratchet action arms let you squeeze to set the holding force
  • Release button on the lower left side expands the arms fully
  • Standard AMPS mounting hole pattern allows the holder to be mounted to many manufacturer's brackets

* The side arms are actually curved, with a minimum distance of 3.5" at the tips of the arms.  But the center of the arms (near the back of the holder) is wider, about 3.75".  Most phones up to 3 3/4" wide will fit because they are relatively thin and will be gripped in the curve of the arms.

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