RHD Dash Bracket

RHD Dash Bracket
RHD Dash Bracket RHD Dash Bracket RHD Dash Bracket RHD Dash Bracket
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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Another custom-designed product that fits both LHD and RHD cars and can only be found at Modifry.com. I got tired of sticking my Garmin GPS unit on the windshield so I designed this bracket to hold it in the perfect place; out of my line of vision but high enough so I don't have to take my eyes off the road.  The bracket is 2" high and extends 3" from the side of the dash.  Now includes the anti-vibration foam that was previously sold separately.

Be sure to download the installation instruction pdf file as we no longer include printed instructions.


  • Perfect mounting position puts your GPS, PDA, iPod, or Phone at the same height as the factory controls - easy to see, easy to reach.
  • Standard AMPS mounting hole pattern matches device holders made by many manufacturers, see ours on the Related Products tab.
  • Stainless steel construction with durable and attractive textured black finish.
  • Installs in about an hour with hand tools, can easily be removed and leaves no trace.

Installation requires loosening the bezel (plastic trim) around the instrument cluster, cutting away some hidden plastic with a razor knife, and using an existing OEM screw to mount the bracket.  After snapping the bezel back in place there will be a slight gap on the right side, just enough for the thickness of the bracket, which is .035" (less than .9mm).  Nearly all of my customers find this perfectly acceptable but if you are one of those owners who needs to have all your valve stem caps aligned it might not be for you.  Just sayin'.

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