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Clip Mount Kit

Clip Mount Kit
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Use this if you want to mount our folding cup holder somewhere other than our Tunnel Bracket, or to mount just about anything using this convenient clip-on mount.  Includes the same base plate and top clip that we use on the Tunnel Bracket and our Windscreen Camera Mounts.

  • Standard AMPS mounting pattern (30mm x 38mm or approx 1 3/16" x 1 1/2")
  • Includes #6 x 1/4" thread-forming screws made for attaching the clip to the cup holder
  • Includes 4mm hex-head machine screws, nuts, and lock washers for mounting the base to the bracket of your choice

Note - If you will be mounting the base to a wood or other surface that is not accessible from the back side you will need to provide your own screws.  #6 or #8 flat head recommended.

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