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RHD Tunnel Bracket for Cup Holder

RHD Tunnel Bracket for Cup Holder
RHD Tunnel Bracket for Cup Holder
Vehicle Usage: S2000
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This custom-made bracket installs without drilling holes and provides a stable platform for mounting a cup holder or other accessory.  Comes with a removeable quick-clip and 4 thread-cutting screws to mount your own cup holder, or buy our pre-drilled Folding Cup Holder if you want an OEM-quality product.

Note - May not fit all RHD cars so please measure the distance between your cargo net mounting buttons.  If the distance is about 4" (100mm) the bracket will fit.  Some RHD cars have the buttons spaced about 7" (175mm) apart, in which case this bracket will not fit.  NO REFUNDS IF YOU FAIL TO MEASURE YOUR CAR!!!

  • Installs easily with just a Philips screw driver and removes just as easily and leaves no trace
  • Unobtrusive when not in use - Cup Holder clips on and off in seconds
  • Bracket can be used with other cup holders or buy our Folding Cup Holder if you want the best.

Tunnel-Mount Bracket

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