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Universal Phone Holder

Universal Phone Holder
Universal Phone Holder Universal Phone Holder
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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Soft rubber-cushioned side arms expand from 2" to 3.5" wide* and adjust up or down (independently) over a 2" range so you can find the ideal grip position. The included T-mount plate attaches to any bracket with standard AMPS hole pattern, such as our Modifry Dash Bracket or the Panavise Radio Bracket, then the phone holder slides on and off the T-mount.  If you think you might need more than 4 gripper arms or want to have an extra pair "just in case" we have them as an option.

  • Soft-grip arms hold phone firmly without scratching
  • Ratchet action arms let you squeeze to set the holding force
  • Release button on the lower left side expands the arms fully
  • Standard AMPS mounting hole pattern allows a variety of devices and holders to be easily attached to the bracket

* The side arms are actually curved, with a minimum distance of 3.5" at the tips of the arms.  But the center of the arms (near the back of the holder) is wider, about 3.75".  Most phones up to 3 3/4" wide will fit because they are relatively thin and will be gripped in the curve of the arms.

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