Posi-Lock Splice Kit

Posi-Lock Splice Kit
Posi-Lock Splice Kit Posi-Lock Splice Kit Posi-Lock Splice Kit
Vehicle Usage: Any Vehicle
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Includes the connectors needed to splice our DCI-S2000 harness to your head unit harness.  Posi-Lock Products are well known for superior quality and secure connections.  No special tools are needed - just strip, insert, and twist on the end caps.  The best part is they are reusable with no degradation in performance.  If you don't like the way your splices turned out or you later decide to make the wires shorter it's no problem, just untwist the Posi-Locks, re-strip the wires and splice them again.

This kit includes in-line Posi-Lock connectors for the following wires:

  • +12v battery power and ground (blue Posi-Locks for larger wires and higher current)
  • Ignition trigger
  • Amp turn wire (to power the S2000 antenna amplifier)
  • Parking light wire (to dim the HU illumination at night)
  • All 4 speakers (if you have only 2 then use the extra Posi-Locks to "cap off" the unused wires from the HU)

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