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Panavise Radio Bracket

Panavise Radio Bracket
Panavise Radio Bracket Panavise Radio Bracket
Vehicle Usage: S2000
Availability: In Stock
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This quality dash mount is vehicle-specific and ergonomically designed to not interfere with gauges, vents, or air bag deployment. The S2000 mounting bracket attaches to the factory radio mounting bolts and "sneaks" out between the radio door and the dash, providing a sturdy mounting surface for just about whatever you need to mount - cell phone, iPod, PDA, etc. Easy to install, removes without a trace. (lists for $32.95 but Modifry saves you $$$)

  • Out of the way mounting position for your GPS, PDA, iPod, or Phone
  • Standard AMPS mounting hole pattern allows a variety of devices and holders to be easily attached to the bracket
  • Sturdy steel construction with durable and attractive textured black finish
  • Installs in minutes with hand tools, can easily be removed and leaves no trace
  • Does not interfere with operation of the radio door
  • Can NOT be used with our cup holder Tunnel Bracket on 2006 and newer US cars (2005 and older is OK)
  • Sorry UK owners, this product is not available in a RHD version
  • Ships with printed installation instructions   

Installation requires removing the plastic trim around the radio (snap clips), removing two screws that hold the right side of the radio and installing the bracket under those same screws. 

Panavise InDash "Radio" Bracket

Installation Instructions


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